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Frequently Asked Questions

How many resources are published?

Everyday we publish one new freebie for download. So in one month it is approx. 28-30 freebies from different categories.
The Premium stuff, we publish every month 10-15 resources. So in one year we have for you approx 365 freebie and 120-180 premium recources.

What is differences between premium memberships?

We have for you 3 different types of membership. First one is  for one month, second one is for 3 months and its monthly rate is cheaper like the first one and last plan ist yearly membership, which has really good price for monthly rate. Every plan you have to renew manually at the end of membeship.

What if i not need premium membership, just want download one premium resource?

Every premium resource you can download separately. Just click on download button and then a box will show up, where you choose that you want to pay just for this one donwload. So every premium resource can be downloaded separately and can be payed separately.

Do I need a Paypal account for premium membership subscription or resource buying?

Yes. Our payment runs only through PayPal, yet. We hope, that this is not a problem for you :) We will be  working in the future on implementing payments with your credit and debit card.

Who we are?

We are Tempees. We are enthusiasts who enjoy online digital and offline world. We are three, we do high quality graphics and clean html5 css3 codes. Everyday you can download a new free recource from us. In middle of January 2014 we have launched for you a possibility to download premium resources. The pleasure of good faith and because we enjoy it :)

What if i can't find on Tempees what i looking foor?

Don't worry :) You can submit a request to us and we can prepare it for you. But creations for these requests are prioritized by relevance and of course our members. If once your request will be created, it will be also published on Tempees, for you and for all users.

How do i get my receipt / invoice of premium membership payment?

You can use your sales receipt direct from your Paypal account, easily, click on Print Receipt.

Can i change / update my membership plan?

Yes. If you buy a memebrship for one month and you change your mind, you can easily upgrade your plan by buying a new plan. If you buy 3 months membership and after one month you change your mind and need a membership for one year, just upgrade your plan. Remaing two months will be added to your new plan.

Can i delete / cancel my membership aor account?

Yes. But we will be really sad if you want do this :) Anyway, if you will cancel you account or memebership, just write us a email tempees@tempees.com