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About us

we are the most coolest guys and have girls ;)

We are Tempees. We are enthusiasts who enjoy online digital and offline world. We are three, we do high quality designs and clean html5 / css3 codes. Everyday you can download a new free resource from us. In January 2014 we have launched for you a possibility to download premium resources. The pleasure of good faith and because we enjoy it :)
We believe that if something is free, it also has to be free. Therefore, we don't have any restrictions, how you can use our resources. Licenses is what we hate. The only restriction, logical and understandable, is, that not re-sell our resources. If you will do, your conscience and karma would wander forever in the darkness of black dirty waters with the stray souls ;)


UI / UX - Web & Mobile



UI / UX, Vectors, HTML5 & CSS3, jQuery



UI / UX - Web & Mobile